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Project Expectations
  • What to Expect from your Sales Representative

    Sales Representatives have the responsibility of ensuring the homeowner understands the scope of what they receiving. They will ensure the homeowner has competed all necessary documents to initiate their solar projects.

    After the customer agreement is signed and financing is confirmed, the sales representative will pass that information over to ESP who will get the project started and install the job to what is on the signed customer agreement. 

    Please refer back to your sales representative if there were incentives not listed on the contract

    While Sales Representatives will continue to receive updates throughout the project's progression, their level of involvement decreases once the project is handed over to ESP.

  • What to Expect from your Project Management Team

    Every project at ESP is assigned a group of Project Managers that is dedicated to providing the homeowner with project updates, appointment confirmations, and communicating with the homeowner throughout the life cycle of the project. 

    The initial call from the Project Management team will come from ESP's general line at (866)-865-4559. We highly recommend saving this number into your phone to ensure the phone call is not missed. A homeowner can also use this number to get in touch with the Project Management team.

    Welcome Call:

    Project Managers from ESP will call a homeowner to complete the Welcome Call around the site survey and project acceptance stage of a project. The Project Manager will run through a series of questions to introduce themselves to the homeowner. During the welcome call, the Project Manager will:

    • Double-check all homeowner contact information
    • Ensure the homeowner understands the scope of work that was purchased, as identified in the signed customer agreement
    • Verify financing contracts have been received and understood
      • If it is a customer payment deal, the project manager will ensure the homeowner has access to their Paykeeper account

    Status Updates:

    A homeowner will be automatically notified throughout various stages of the project. The Project Management team will also call the homeowner for status updates. These steps include:

    • Design Confirmation Call
    • Work Order Confirmation Call
    • Install review Call
    • Project Completion Call

    The project management team will also call the homeowner and inform them should any issues arise throughout the project. 

    For a full list of the automatic notifications a customer will receive, please visit our Project Notifications page.