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Roofing Training
  • Roofing Overview

    What is a Re-Roof?

    A re-roof is a service in which the existing roof material, underlayment, and decking in some extreme cases, are removed and replaced.

    Why Does a Homeowner Need a Re-Roof?

    • A re-roof is required when the current state or age of the roof requires replacement to withstand the installation of solar panels.
    • Significant benefits of pairing a re-roof with a solar installation:
      • A re-roof can be financed with a solar loan in the vast majority of cases.
      • Solar panels are more durable than most roofing materials, extending the lifetime of the portion of the roof they cover.
      • Unlikely a new roof will be needed during the lifetime of the solar system if a re-roof is paired with the solar install.
    • Homeowners save money by avoiding the cost associated with removing and reinstalling solar panels for a future re-roof.

    What is the Scope of Work of a Re-Roof?

    ESP will provide you with a number of roof quote options via email. Please be sure to review the email
    fully as each option differs in both scope of work and adder cost. The chosen roof option will directly impact the sales commission. The scope of work can range from the entire home (including patios, detached garages, etc.) to the main house only or just the PV area only.

  • Roofing Timelines and Process

    Roofing Process

    Process Highlights

    1. Energy Service Partners will send the dealer partner a detailed roof quote email once the need for a re-roof is identified.
      1. The email will include:
        • Multiple re-roof options and pricing for each option.
        • Photos of the roof, highlighting areas of concern.
    2. It is important for the dealer partner to thoroughly review the email and respond ASAP, as their approval is crucial for expediting the job and moving it forward quickly to installation.
    3. ESP will review the job's financing to determine whether a re-roof has already been accounted for in the adders or if the addition of a re-roof adder will still result in a commission without redoing financing.
      1. If the re-roof is already accounted for, ESP will schedule the re-roof
      2. If the re-roof is not already accounted for but still results in a commission, ESP will employ our  auto-approval policy (detailed below) to balance commission concerns with optimizing velocity to install
    4. If a re-roof adder is not covered by the current financing, the Sales Representative must have their customer sign new HIA and financing documents that include the re-roof adder for the project to be taken off of hold.
    5. Once the re-roof is completed ESP will schedule an inspection
      1. The re-roof inspection must be completed before the solar system can be installed

    Auto Approval Policy

    When a re-roof adder is necessary for a job but it was not added in the initial financing, ESP will place the job on hold and employ our auto-approval policy. If the new re-roof adder still results in a commission, the job will be placed on a 7-day hold period to give a Sales Representative the option to resign the project and increase their commission. If the job is not resigned after 7 days, the project will be placed back in progress to preserve the velocity to installation. The commission for the job, once back in progress, will be the original sales commission minus the cost of roof work.


    Roofing Timelines

    The timeline of a re-roof is highly dependent on the Sales Representative adding the appropriate cost in the initial energy recommendation or having the customer resign the HIA and financing documents when the financing does not cover the re-roof adder.   

    Once the job is accepted with a re-roof adder, the project will progress through the design and permitting process. Once the job is in permitting for solar, the re-roof process will begin in the approximate time frame:

    • Week 1: The homeowner is contacted to schedule roof work and determine the roof material color.
    • Weeks 2-3: ESP should receive a roof permit from the local municipality
    • Week 4: ESP will complete roof work.


  • Roof Adder Training


    Please refer to this video to learn to how calculate and add re-roof costs to your sale. The same steps apply if your sale requires a re-sign for roof work.

    For the best video-watching experience, please expand the video and change the playback quality to the best available.