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Customer Payments
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  • Customer Payment Overview


    If a homeowner has a lot of money in a savings account, a home equity line of credit, or other liquid capital that they want to put to use, a cash deal is always a great option. ESP currently accepts the following payment methods for cash deals.

    • All Customer Payment deals require a $1000 deposit to pass Project Acceptance.


    Paykeeper - 3% fee

    • The homeowner’s Paykeeper account will be drafted for specific amounts as the project reaches certain milestones, so they must fully fund and keep funds in the account to proceed to Installation and ensure a smooth project process.

    ACH transfers - 3.5% fee

    Credit Card payments - 3.5% fee


    We do not accept physical checks at this time.


    Tax Credits

    • The homeowner owns the system and should be eligible for the tax credit.

    Pros & Cons of Customer Payment Deals

    • The outright purchase means avoiding interest payments and electric bills in one go.
    • No loan makes it easier to sell a home and capitalize on the investment value.
    • The full upfront payment does mean waiting on an ROI/break-even in the future, but it's generally very fast within a few years.
  • Customer Payment Milestone Breakdown


    We take milestone payments according to the following schedule:

    • 80% (minus $1,000 deposit) M1 at installation

      • When installation is scheduled and materials ordered

      •  On average the funds will be pulled after install complete

    • 15% M2 after the inspection has passed

    • 5% M3 after PTO and system activation