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  • Financing Overview


    If a homeowner has good credit and wants more of a “bill swap” (lower loan payment instead of a power bill), then a loan is a great choice. Many people will still choose to pay it off faster than the full loan term but don’t have to outlay huge chunks of cash if they can’t or don’t want to. 

    All solar loan providers require a credit check. A score of mid-to-high 600s is usually enough to pass. At least one person on the application must match the name on the title/deed. The loans require no upfront cost, and in most cases, the new solar payment is less than their current power bills.


    ESP offers a variety of financing options to cover different homeowner preferences. To explore these options in detail, please refer to the list of finance partners mentioned below. If you do not have access to a lender portal, please use this Access Request Form.







    Sunrun (PPA)


    Financing Options By Manufacturer


    Tax Credits: The homeowner owns the system and should be eligible for the tax credit. Most financing options are structured to let the homeowner claim the tax credit and use it as a down payment to keep their solar bill as low as possible. Check on loan re-amortization details by specific loan product or lender.

    If the homeowner keeps the tax credit for themselves instead of putting it towards their system, the loan will be adjusted to a higher monthly payment. However, almost all loans can be prepaid at any time with no penalty.


    Monitoring & Warranty: ESP’s warranty and customer service are available to the customer for the life of their system. They can purchase and renew Service Plans to get our monthly health checks and other benefits.


    Pearl Certification & Service: The customer receives Pearl Certification for their home and the benefits of whatever base Service Plan package is selected at the start. They can renew their Service Plan annually.