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Holds & Cancellations
  • Project Hold Types


    Hold types can vary, ranging from ESP Acceptance holds to Customer Related holds. Each hold type comes with a specific hold duration based on its nature. It is essential for the Sales Representative or the customer, depending on the hold type, to resolve the hold promptly. 

    The Hold Reason, Notes, and Duration can be viewed within the Summary Tab of the project on QuickBase.


    ESP Acceptance Holds:

    The ESP Acceptance team typically initiates An ESP Acceptance hold when finance or property-related issues arise. These issues may include NTP problems, concerns identified during the Site Survey, required roof work, or an unacceptable building type. It is important for the Sales Representative to work with the customer on these types of holds to get them resolved as soon as possible. 

    In some cases, there will be multiple holds on a project. All holds must be fully resolved before the project can be placed back in progress. 

    Customer Holds:

    Customer Hold may occur when the customer requests to place the job on hold or asks for cancellation. Common customer-related holds include reasons like changes in project scope, financial concerns, or personal circumstances. The initial hold email sent to the Sales Representative includes details about the hold type and a suggested resolution to facilitate timely action.

  • Placing a Job on Hold for Cancellation


    If a customer has notified the Sales Representative that they want to cancel their job, the Sales Representative should initiate the cancellation process by chatting or calling ESP’s Project Management team. The request must include a reason for the cancellation. The Project Manager will then place a hold on the project in QuickBase. The duration of a hold can vary from 7-28 days, depending on the type of hold implemented.

    Once the job is placed on Hold, the status on QuickBase will change to "On Hold" and the Sales Representative will be notified via email.

    During the hold period, the sales representative will have the opportunity to salvage the deal. ESP will send out reminder emails of the time left in the hold. Once the hold period concludes, and the job has been fully auto-canceled, the ESP advocacy team may contact the customer as a final measure to save the deal.

    Once all possible efforts have been exhausted to save the deal, the job will be canceled in QuickBase.


    Requesting Refunds for Cancelled Jobs

    If you are requesting to cancel a customer payment deal where a deposit needs to be refunded back to the homeowner, please inform the Project Manager in the request to cancel the job.


  • On-Hold Email Notifications


    When a project is placed on hold, it is important to note that the hold has an expiration date, which signifies the duration of the hold. The specific hold types and their respective durations can vary depending on the circumstances and requirements of each project. Throughout the hold process, the Sales Representative is kept informed via automated email notifications at different stages.




    Stages of On-Hold Automatic Emails

    1. The Sales Representative will receive an automatic email when the hold is initially placed and the project status in QuickBase changes to On Hold.
    2. A second email notification is sent when the hold is approaching its expiration date, which is typically 3 days in advance. 
    3. Finally, when the project hold has expired, QuickBase will automatically change the status of the project to Canceled and the Sales Representative will receive an email informing them of this change.
  • Hold Extension Requests


    If the Sales Representative requires additional time to resolve the hold, they can call or chat with an ESP Project Manager to explain the request. ESP holds can only be modified by authorized team members and extended as far out as 28 days. Extremely long hold durations pose a risk for lender approval or loan expiration. 


    In the rare chance a hold duration needs to be longer than 28 days, a manager will need to review and approve the extension request to ensure there are no outstanding risks.


    If the hold duration exceeds six months, there is a chance that a new site inspection will be required to ensure compliance with regulations.

  • Canceling a Job


    When a situation arises where canceling a job becomes necessary, and a project is beyond saving, the sales representative may chat or call the Project Management Team, making sure to include the reasoning for the cancellation. The Project Manager will place the job on hold and notify the manager of the cancellation. The management team will cancel the job in QuickBase and the sales representative will be notified of the cancelation via email.


    If you are requesting to cancel a customer payment deal where a deposit needs to be refunded back to the homeowner please inform the Project Manager. 

  • Reactivating a Canceled Job


    The auto-cancelation of a project can be reversed manually by authorized personnel within ESP. To initiate the reactivation of a project that was canceled, a sales representative can call or chat with ESP during normal business hours and request the job to be put back on hold. Once the request has been approved, the project will be placed back on the original hold that triggered the cancellation. It is important to note that the sales representative remains accountable for resolving the hold for the project to be restored to Active status in Quickbase. 


    Please keep in mind, the reactivation of a canceled job can be denied if the ESP advocacy team has already initiated the resolution process with the homeowner.  For more information on the Project Resolution Program, please contact your organization's Dealer Owner or Admin.